"Roads? Where we're going, we don't need roads."Back to the Future


Moving People with Movies

I've cut a broad path in various aspects of video production. Working with a production company, as well as shooting independant films, has given me vision into all aspects of film production and post. And it's really stinkin' fun, too.

Well-Being GO Journey Video

Healthways, Franklin, TN

A product promotional video for a member facing app for Healthways. I produced and directed the video, working with Ryan Nichols as DP. This was shot over three days in Memphis, TN, on a Red Epic using Zeiss glass.

Roles inhabited: Director, Producer, Editor, VFX, and Colorist

Gain Detergent Commercial

Second Light Productions, Memphis, TN

A spec commercial for Gain Detergent to build the commercial reel for Second Light Productions in Memphis, TN. Shot on Red Epic with Red glass.

Roles inhabited: Executive Producer, Editor, VFX, and Gaffer

Nike Push Yourself Commercial

Second Light Productions, Memphis, TN

Spec spot shot entirely in camera using body double, with the exception of the final composite shot. Shot on Red Epic in one day on location.

Roles inhabited: Executive Producer, Grip, Golfcart Pilot, and Post-production

Not An Exit - Short Film

TS Productions, Nashville, TN

Short Thriller shot for a film competition on location in Nashville, TN. The film was shot on Canon DSLR's with Zeiss prime lenses over two days time.

Roles inhabited: Producer, Director of Photography, Editor

Beware of Dogs - Short Film

Second Light Productions, Memphis, TN

Award winning short horror film produced for the National 48hr Film Competition. Film was shot on Red Epic, with all original scoring and titles produced in one weekend.

Roles inhabited: Executive Producer, Grip