Packaging DesignInnovation in a bottle


Packaging Design

Star Wars Fill Darth Vader's Head With Cheese Balls

Star Wars Concept

UTZ Snack Foods
Kraft Parmesan Elegant restatement of the classic parmesan cheese bottle

Parmesan Cheese Concept

Planters Peanut Butter A new way to think about peanut butter

Peanut Butter Concept


Coca-Cola Photo realistic renderings for proof of concept

Coca-Cola Concepts

Hero Image
Coca-Cola Bold upper body engraving

Coca-Cola Concept

Coca-Cola Reinventing a category with bold color

Coca-Cola Concept

Upper body shrink

LiteHouse Visualization for a new approach

LiteHouse Dressing

Move to Plastic
Kraft BBQ New pinchgrip design

New Kraft BBQ Bottle

Final Concepts Before Tooling
Kraft Parmesan Chunkier design with full shrink label

Parmesan Cheese Concept

More concepts for Kraft

Jackie Gamber

Star Wars

This package was a solicited concept from UTZ Snack Foods in Hanover, PA for a commemorative package for Star Wars. They loved the proposal, but the concept got lost in licensing fees and never was brought to realization. Too bad, I would have liked to have seen Darth Vader's head filled with cheese balls.


This package was proposed as a 1-step PET package to be produced on a Nissei blow-molding machine.

Tools Used: Adobe CC, CATIA 3D, Bunkspeed

Kraft BBQ

Kraft BBQ

This restaging of this package for Kraft came out of a multi-department innovation workshop I facilitated for Kraft. The resulting package solved key supply and secondary packaging issues, and for almost no expense for new tooling the new bottle delivered not only for operations, but also resulted in a bump in sales numbers.


The new bottle incorporated a bold pinch grip design with front facing label that allowed more facings per linear foot of shelving.

Tools Used: Adobe CC, CATIA 3D, Bunkspeed, and Post-It Notes

Mazola Corn Oil

Mazola Corn Oil

This new packaging concept for Mazola was a huge win for club stores. The concept resulted in more units per pallet, and no left behind dunnage (all the corregated packaging is integrated into the bottle-in-box concept and leaves the club store with the shopper). This rendering is a computer generated prototype overlaid on an in-store photo.


Overall reduction in package cost, more units per pallet and no left behind dunnage. An open top bottle-in-box with an ergonomic grip and anti-glug pour included.

Tools Used: Adobe CC, CATIA 3D, Bunkspeed, and Photography