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Professional Experience

Senior Manager User Experience Design - International

Healthways, Franklin, TN
Ensuring the highest levels of customer satisfaction when designing the Healthways’ digital ecosystem.

  • Developed and maintained a two year roadmap for a digital suite of consumer facing apps as part of a $300MM book of business
  • Participated in RFP and contract processes with cross functional teams
  • Created user flows and conceptual wireframes for a $1.2MM project successfully rolled out to Fortune 100 clients. *App showed a 400% increase in engagement over legacy
  • Ran UI/UX governance across multiple vendors for a enterprise solution effort over 18 months
  • Conducted primary user research through 1:1 interviews to inform user personas for a cross-functional project
  • Ran a six week pilot with 150 users to gather engagement numbers, direct user feedback and metrics through social media and interviews
  • Created journey maps, portal branding, and implementation support materials for a $2MM Fortune 50 client

Creative Director

Second Light, Memphis, TN
As a principal in a startup media production company, rebranded and restaged all visual assets; web, logos, demo reels,and marketing materials.
Responsibilities include:

  • Corporate relations and business development with all key accounts.
  • Graphics, web development, and visual effects design.
  • Working in various production roles as needed, including cinematography, post production, and producing commercials, music videos, and films.
  • Budgetary and quoting responsibility on development projects.

Lead Industrial Designer / Product Design Engineer

Ring Container Technologies, Oakland, TN
Evolved Product Development into a core competency changing the face of this blow-molding company through design collaboration processes with international brands owners. Responsibilities included:

  • Responsible for and revamped all corporate marketing presentations and websites.
  • Worked directly with Kraft, ConAgra, UTZ along with others to develop new packaging. This process went from sketch through full 3-D design, rendering, and graphics.
  • Project Manager for prototype and production tooling.
  • Prepared and presented to customers and executives on new product development.
  • Sourced and managed tooling vendors.
  • Responsible for evaluating new materials and technologies.
  • Worked with quality department to ensure products met specifications.
  • Lead development engineer on restaging #1 product line which resulted in cost savings of over $4MM per year.

Board of Directors, Creative Director

Ovarian Cancer Awareness Foundation, 501(c)(3)
Managed rebranding of this non-profit and restaging all web assets; all while successfully increasing our largest fund raising event to quadruple the attendance in one year.

Creative Director

Meadowhawk Press, Lakeland, TN
Won the national Philip K. Dick Award for Science fiction, while working as Executive Director of this indie publishing company.

Senior Product Designer

Amcor PET Packaging, Manchester, MI
Awarded several international patents working with customers such as Coca-Cola, Gatorade, Campbell’s, Nestea, and Pepsi.

  • Primary focus was on new product design and development with customers including high end CAD modeling of retail packaging for national brands.
  • Worked directly with customers on packaging innovation.
  • Responsible for implementation a new Product Lifecycle Manager (PLM) software system in Engineering

Design Supervisor

Tennex Industries, Auburn Hills, MI
Took a thermo-plastics air induction supplier, with a design engineer retention problem, and rebuilt the design department with a team that was still intact five years after my leaving the company.

  • Worked with Japanese multi-national corporation to launch multiple products lines including turbo hoses, air induction systems and thermo-plastic engine covers.
  • Recruited and managed a staff of five Design Engineers.

Senior Design Engineer

Solvay Automotive, Troy, MI
Successfully launched two Chrysler plastic blow-molded fuel tank system programs on time and within budget.

  • Worked directly with Chrysler Release Engineers on solving a key customer

Application Engineer

Textron Automotive / McCord Winn, Troy, MI
Came into a program for Chrysler small car exteriors engineering six months after kickoff, solved the number one customer system complaint through an innovative one piece extrusion blow molded design, and successfully launched the production time.

  • Had primary responsibility for Design FEMA and Engineering Open Issues meetings with Chrysler platform engineering team

Senior Packaging Designer

Johnson Controls / Plastic Machinery Div., Manchester, MI
Managed through launch the one million dollar restaging of the CAD environment moving mainframe based computing to workstation based systems, all under budget and on-time.

Mechanical Designer

Jet-Die Engineering, Lansing, MI
Took the company from a CAD-less engineering department to six workstations including 100% CNC programming in-house.

Qualification Highlights

Over 20 years of creative ideation, design, and leadership experience which has evolved into a focus on innovation management.

  • Responsible for projects from design concept through to production including user testing.
  • Especially strong in new product development.
  • Expert skills in Adobe Creative Suite, media production, and digital prototyping.
  • Recent review in a 360 format place peer and executive assessment of my creative leadership in the upper 90th percentile of national averages. My additional work with non-profits and the publishing industry gives me vast experience to call upon for vision casting and creative problem solving.
  • Exceptional mentoring and coaching skills
  • Holder of several international patents.


Academy Art University
San Francisco, CA
*Industrial Design

Siena Heights University
Adrian, MI
*Graphics Design

Mercer University
Macon, GA

Wittenberg University
Springfield, OH

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